How to perform SD card not formatted recovery?

SD cards are the most common storage devices that you find on digital cameras and mobiles. They serve as a memory source and help to save your media files like videos, music, pictures and many others. To support different devices, they are manufactured and designed in different sizes and configurations. You can see SD card types like SDHC, SDXC and many other types.

Take into account a common event that you would have faced while using an SD card. Since your SD card contained your valuable images. You thought of transferring the files to your Laptop. So you connected the SD card to the system, with the help of card reader. Before you realize your mistake of connecting the SD card to the virus infected laptop, your SD card was affected by the virus. When you tried opening it, the operating system prompted a format error. Now you were not having any other option, so you were forced to format it, in order to reuse the SD card. This lead to the deletion of all the files from the SD card. What will you do at such times? Don’t worry here you have a perfect tool to restore your files i.e SD Card Not Formatted Recovery. Refer to know how to recover formatted memory card on Mac

Reasons that cause formatting of SD cards:

Downloading attachments: Generally, data is shared today through emails, since they serve as a faster means of data transfer. When these files are downloaded to your SD card the files in the card get infected and it gradually leads to the severe damage on SD cards. This leads to the SD card formatting and cause a large loss of data. Due to this same reason, have you formatted your XD card and want to recover it? Yes it is possible to recover formatted XD card by with the help of this standrad software. To get more info, visit:

File system corruption:  Like any other device even SD card support file system. Generally they support the various versions of FAT file system. If any events like power failure cause the damage of the file system. The operating system will not be able to access the drive and you will be forced to format the SD card

Abrupt removal:   SD cards are the most sensitive storage devices among the other available storage devices. Hence a user has to be careful while removing the card from the respective slots. A small carelessness can result in the corruption of memory card which tends to card formatting

SD Card Not Formatted Recovery is a best that can be blindly trusted on to recover formatted SD card files. This tool can restore photos, videos, music file and many of such basic and advance file from the affected drive. Check Here to know more about how to restore formatted SD card files like images. Besides this, the tool has an amazing capability to support recovery from different models of SD card like mini SD, micro SD, SDHC, SDXC and many more. Not only from different models of SD cards, it also has the ability to recover data from different brands of memory cards. This software can recover Toshiba memory card, Sandisk, HP, Lexar memory card data with utmost ease.

This software can be easily downloaded for Windows versions such as Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008 to recover formatted SD card files. Alternatively it also supports all the latest versions of Mac. With this utility you can restore accidentally formatted memory card  and provides a preview of the restored files

Steps to perform SD card not formatted recovery, :

Step 1: Click on the download button on this page and install the SD Card Not Formatted Recovery software to recover formatted SD card files. Click on "Recover Photos" option from home page to restore formatted SD card files

SD Card Not Formatted Recovery - Main Screen

Fig 1: Home Page

Step 2: Next select the "Recover Deleted Photos" and select the drive. Now select the memory card

SD Card Not Formatted Recovery - Select Drive

Fig 2: Select Memory Card

Step 3: The software scans the drive and provide a list of restored files. Select the one you require and save them back

SD Card Not Formatted Recovery - Save Recovered File

Fig 3: Save File

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